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The Last Stand is at its heart a street football tournament, created to unite communities and break down social, cultural and religious barriers through sport. The event is 29 year-old Sikh Londoner, Gundeep Anand’s answer to London’s increasing postcode war issues.  It has been developed without funding and with the help of a few select partners such as award-winning Production Company Rattling Stick, global post-house The Mill and music partners Massive Music.  The tournament has been highlighted on been shown on BBC, LAD Bible and featured in global Adidas campaigns.
Working closely with Gundeep Anand, Remi has worked as the lead editor with creative input on all aspects of production. 
BBC Sport: The Art of Football
Adidas: Creativity Can Change the World - Latino Heat
The Last Stand 2: Promo
Adidas: Creativity Can Change the World - TekkSquad
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